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28 April/Posted by Brianna Bines

Hashtagging 101

As a consultant I always get asked “What are hashtags and how do I use them?” Hashtags are a simple concept and if you know how to use google then you know how to use hashtags. Hashtags are simply  words or phrases that allow you to tag your content on various social media platforms. What makes a hashtag well… a hashtag is the (#) symbol in front of the word or phrase. Hashtags are most commonly used with Twitter and Instagram but you’ll also see them on Facebook and Pinterest as well. 

Social media users strategically use hashtags to categorize their images/content so other users can find them based on that specific hashtag. If you have twenty five instagram followers and you post a picture of a latte you got from a coffee shop with no hashtags it’s likely that only those twenty five followers saw your post. Now if you add hashtags like #coffee #latte #coffeeshop #hotcoffee to your post you’ve made it possible for millions of people to view your post. Hashtags are a way for you to get your brand image/message in front of potential clients/customers.


The image above is a photo from the brand Glossier’s instagram. If you notice in the caption they use #futuredew, a product within their skincare collection. Why is this hashtag important?  It’s a tool to help improve your visability on social platforms. Making the product name as a hashtag associated the image above with that “key word” or hashtag in this case. So when users search for particular hashtags associated with your brand theres a higher chance they’ll find your content rather. 

Can’t decide what hashtags to add to your posts? I would highly suggest doing some market research and looking at what your competitors are doing on their accounts along with other businesses that are in your industry. When your coming up with hashtag options you should ask yourself the following questions: 

  1. Who is your target audience? Is your photo appealing to fashion influencers? Try #fashionista #fashion #style #mystyle
  2. Want to target people in a specific geographic area? Try hashtagging the city + state, or both separately (i.e. #Manhattan #NewYork  #NY or #NYC )
  3. Does your industry have a hashtag that creates community? Just like #foundr is a place for young entrepreneurs  
  4. What are the key elements of your image? Hashtagging is about categorizing your image. What are some elements in your image that you can create a hashtag for? What would your target audience search for when it comes to your brand?  
  5. How popular is the hashtag? If your looking to grow your page and increase brand awareness I’d suggest using hastags associated with your content with 50k or less searches to start increasing your visability and associated with that hashtag.

Instagram Insights

If you have a business Instagram page take a look at your insights at least once a week and check out how successful your hastag startegy is.  Instagram has added a very usefle analytical tool to report how effective your hashtags are in gaining awareness, ore impressions on your posts.  This allows you to determine wether or not you’ve chosen the right strategy for your brand.

Are you using hashtags in your stories? Well you should be it only increases your visability on the platform. you can type your hashtags out with the text tool or use the hashtag sticker

*Note: (you can include up to 10 in your stories)

Posted by Brianna Bines

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